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A orillas del Mar Caribe me senté y lloré
A orillas del Mar Caribe me senté y lloré
Ink and acrylic on paper
14 x 17 inch

The title is inspired by the name of a book written by Paulo Coelho.

The context of the artwork resonates to the worrying statistics of feminicides throughout the year 2021 in Puerto Rico. One day as I looked over the Caribbean Sea, I became aware of the horrible cases and my only reaction was to cry for the women who came, the women who are here, and the women who will come.

This artwork was exhibited at the Museo de Francisco Oller from 2021-2022 for the presentation of Sucesiones: narrativas gráficas en el dibujo.

This artwork participated in the 2022 Exhibizone Grand Price online group exhibition and competition organized by the online platform Biafarin, based in Ontario, Canada, and ranked #9 from a total of 191 international artists.